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Style: Introducing the epitome of elegance and allure: a breathtaking gold dress designed to captivate every eye it meets. This opulent gown, fashioned with meticulous attention to detail, boasts timeless sophistication and modern allure in equal measure. Crafted from the finest luxury lace, its lavish fabric drapes gracefully, offering a silhouette of refined grandeur.

With its floor-length design, this dress exudes a sense of regal splendor, commanding attention with every step. The sleeveless and strapless silhouette accentuates the wearer's shoulders and décolletage, adding a touch of sensual allure to its overall charm.

What truly sets this gown apart are its exquisite embellishments. Adorned with intricate beadwork, delicate patterns cascade down the fabric, shimmering with a celestial glow. At the bodice, masterfully crafted 3D designs of gilded leaf motifs, rendered in luxurious metallic leather fabric, create a mesmerizing visual texture. Each leaf appears to dance with the subtle movements of the wearer, lending an ethereal quality to the ensemble.

Radiating in resplendent gold, this gold dress embodies the essence of luxury and sophistication. Whether gracing a gala event or a romantic evening soirée, this enchanting gown promises to leave an indelible impression, evoking admiration and awe at every turn.
Bust: strapless style, off shoulder
Sleeves: sleeveless

Care instructions: dry clean only.


Metallic Leather


Stones, Beads

Design, inspection & shipping

Approximately, High quality chic fabrics
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