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Style: Immerse yourself in the ethereal brilliance of this silver dress, a celestial masterpiece that embodies sheer sophistication. Crafted entirely from silver crystals, the gown is a dazzling cascade of luminescence, embracing a maxi-length silhouette that gracefully hovers above the floor, creating an aura of understated glamour.

The long sleeves of the dress add an element of refinement, gracefully embracing the arms with a touch of timeless elegance. Delicate cut-outs in the shoulders add a contemporary allure, balancing modernity with the dress's classic silver charm.

In a whimsical fusion of luxury and playfulness, the end of each sleeve and the hem of the dress are adorned with ethereal white feathers. These feathers create a soft, dreamlike contrast to the radiant silver crystals, adding a delicate touch that captivates with every movement.

Step into a realm of enchantment with this silver dress, where the seamless blend of opulence, modern design, and whimsical details transforms each moment into a shimmering celebration of grace and allure.
Bust: Strapless crew neck style
Sleeves: half sleeves

Care instructions: dry clean only


Luxurious fabrics


Crystals and Feathers

Design, inspection & shipping

Approximately 25-60 days
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