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Style: A sweetheart neckline mermaid dress with 3D petal embellishments dotted all over, plus a bottom layer of plaid embroidered tulle and a top layer of embroidered lace appliqué. The dress emphasizes versatility with its detachable shawl and front zipper, which maintains the shape of a typical skirt when closed and reveals a sexy slit when open, small train
Bust: Sweetheart neckline style
Sleeves: Sleeveless

Dry cleaning


Tulle, lace


The dress is fully covered with 3D petals, bottom layer of embroidered checkered tulle and top layer of embroidered lace. The dress emphasizes its removable shawl and front zipper which reveals a sexy slit when opened.

Design, inspection & shipping

Approximately 50-90 days.

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