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BOOMBA invisible lift inserts

BOOMBA invisible lift inserts

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The lightly padded double-sided adhesive insert is the most versatile insert we offer. This lightly padded insert can be cut to fit most clothing. Perfect for a natural-looking lift.
Natural-looking lift
Prevents nipple slips in low cut tops
Insert stays put and keeps clothing in place
Sweat & water resistant
Interchangeable between outfits, no sewing required.

The inserts are not intended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
Unlike a sticky bra that is supported by the adhesive, BOOMBA inserts are supported by the clothing, they cannot stay up by themselves. It is crucial to wear them in tight, structured, and fitted tops.


The sizing guide below only serves as a guideline. For the most accurate fit, please measure your garment.

Please note that results may vary depending on breast size and shape. Results will be similar to a double push up bra. BOOMBA results work best with natural breasts. 

Tip: always size down if you're in between sizes for a seamless fit.

Please note, Invisible Lift Inserts come in two sizes (small and medium). Size small is suitable for cup sizes A / B / C and size medium is suitable for sizes D / E.

How to use Boomba inserts:

Please note that our inserts are not intended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Like traditional inserts, BOOMBA inserts need to be used inside clothing. They cannot be used by themselves. 


Ensure skin is clean and free from all oils and skin residue. Stick the inserts onto the inside of your clothing item.


Put the clothing item on and adjust breasts to desired height and position.


Stick inserts onto skin and press firmly to secure. Tighten garment if possible for best results.

Please note that due to a strict hygiene policy:

ALL BOOMBA Self-Adhesive Inserts, Nipple Covers, Body Tape, Accessories, will not be returned for a refund, credit, or exchange.

Please write to us for all other questions at:


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Care instructions

Attire: gentle dry cleaning method or hand wash only
Accessories: delicate hand cleaning only

How to take your measurements (if needed)

How to take your measurements:

Before ordering, check your size carefully using our chart below as well as the diagram which will guide you in taking the measurements.
We still recommend that you ask your local tailor to help you.


Total height: Start at the middle of the shoulder, pull the measuring tape towards the middle of the breast (nipple), then straight down to the ground without wearing heels, then add your heel height.
Neck circumference: Take the measurement at the base of the neck.
Shoulder width: To measure your shoulder width, keep your arms straight at your sides and ideally have someone help you measure the distance between the two shoulders (bone to bone), hugging the curvature of the back at the nape of the neck.
Back height: From the neck slide to the crotch (end of the buttocks), taking the arch well (hollow of the back).
Front height: From the hollow of the neck to the crotch.

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